• Professional Fast RJ45 plug Cuts-Crimps Tool
    FAST Crimping / Cutting tool

    *COMPATIBLE for Fast (Pass Through) Plug and 8P8C Standard Plug

    * Length: 8” (203+/-3mm)      

    * Material: Carbon Steel / Aluminum Alloy / TPR Plastic

    * Weight: 420g    

    * With Ratchet


    *Features  &  Benefits

    * Optional 2 spare blades , and patented !

       Special design for blades , it can cut the wire neatly and will not have surplus edge,  the life time of blade is more than 5000 times.

    * Dimension range of cutting wire 0.70~1.40mm
      (** Remark: Under normal operating methods** )

    WARNING: PMC FAST-EASY-PASS THROUGH RJ45 connectors and crimp tools are designed to work as a system.
    TOOL #PM-3008R is NOT intended to be compatible with other brands and such unintended use can result in bad connections, breakage, and human safety hazards, and will also void the warranty.
    Plug Master is not responsible for any unintended uses of its products.

    Specification Compatible Plugs DM-1 DM-2 PMC Pass Through PLUG & TOOL V.S. Other Brand Comparison

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