Company Profile

Plug Master Industrial Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1983 and is located in Taipei. We are professional manufacturer of connection devices used in communication and computers.
We do research and development of mold designing . We do precise fully automated plastic injection and gold plate electroplating. We manufacture all products with super high efficiency and perfect quality. Our products have been approved by UL certification and our factory in China has been passed by ISO9001,ISO14001 and QC080000,
Our focus is not only providing perfect plugs, but also excellent customer service and competitive prices.
We have been successful in creating many records and we are a leading manufacturer in our field.
Your inquiry and orders will be served with full technical and enthusiastic support. We aim to meet all your needs from standard products, to the most advanced custom requests.
Taiwan Factory :
  • Built in:1997
  • Address:No.1,Ln 46,Sec.1,Ren 5th Rd.,Wujie Township ,Yilan County 268, Taiwan
  • Total Area:2,238 square meters.
  • Total Employee:30 persons
  • Main Product:Modular Plug
  • Accessory:Boots / Covers for Plug, Crimping Tool.

China Factory :
  • Built in July,15th,2001
    Zheng Long Industrial Zone,Si Village,Tang Xia Town,Dongguan City, Kwang Tung Province,China
  • Total Area:6300 square meter
  • Total Employee:60 persons
  • Main product:Modular Plug & Plug Boot

Company History

Our Facilities Environment

Plant in Yi Lan, Taiwan
‧Plant in Dongguan, China
‧Test Equipment List (Taiwan & China)  
NO 品名 Description Brand Quantity
1 X-Ray Gold contact Pin Test Machine Germany FISCHER 2
2 Tester 高鐵科技 2
3 Precise Image Tool Microscope 九樂行 2
4 Swiss Microcomputer Altimeter VERTICAL 2
5 Salt Spray Tester 弘達 1
6 Fluke DSX-8000 FLUKE 2
7 Plastic Alloy Analyzer NITON 1
8 Insertion and Withdrawal test machine X&M 1
9 Latch Tester PMC 2
‧Equipment list ( Taiwan & China )  
NO Equipment name Quantity
1 Pre-Inserting Machine 端子預埋機 64 sets
2 Precise Plastic Injection Machine 塑膠射出機 32 sets
3 Shielded Plug Assembling Machine 銅殼組裝機 5 sets
4 Professional Plotter 專業繪圖機 6 sets
5 Central Control Material System 中央控料系統 2 sets
6 Molding Temperature Control Machine 模溫控制機 5 sets
7 Automatic Recycling System 自動回收系統 2 sets
8 Crusher of PC material 塑料粉碎機 16 sets
.Automatic inspection .Automatic inspection .POE ++ Internal Test & SGS Mixed Flowing Gas Corrosion Test
.Automatic Plastic Injection Machine .Central Control Materical System .Plug Pre-insertion Machine
.Germany X-ray Gold Contact Test Machine .FLUKE Test Machine .Super Precise Inage Tool Microscope
.Salt Spray Tester .Plastic Alloy Analyzer .Latch Tester
‧Material List

Test Profile

The Profile Of Plugs Electrical Test
Our plugs have been approved by UL and meet with F.C.C standard specifications . Plugs are suitable for stranded and solid wire 24-26AWG
Electrical Test:
Energize plug 500 volts AC lasting 1 second
A.Insulation Resistance:500 M abohm.
B.Termination Resistance : 35 M abohm (MAX).
Gold Plate Inspection :
A.According with MIL-G-45204C Type I and ASTM Type 2 standards specification ( 99.7% pure gold Min )
B.Grade D in standard of ASTM (Knoop hardness range > 200 Hk )
C.Grade D in standard of MIL-G-45204 (Knoop hardness range > 200Hk)
D.Class 1 (50 microinches thickness minimum )
The Gold-Plated Testing Instruments :
A.The tensile strength of cable to plug is 7.7 Kgw .
B.Breakdown test : 2000 mating cycles.
Material and Surface Plating:
Housing Material : Polycarbonate 94V-0 ; 94V-2 (Fireproofing)
Contact blades : High strength cooper alloy is according with CNS9503 ,JIS 3110 and C5191R-H standards specification .
100-120 microinches nickel under plated gold .
Operation Temperature:
- 10℃ ~60 ℃

Management System

Management System

(5) Prohibit the Use of Conflict Minerals Declaration

Statement of no use of "Conflict minerals"

On August 22, 2012,The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) passed Article No. 1502 of the "Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act", the final edition with regard to "Conflict minerals" procurement. With our corporate social responsibility and international justice practice, ATEN addresses our statement with the standardized self-management approach to avoid use of metallic materials such as, gold, tantalum, tungsten, tin, etc, which are often used in electronic products, from the conflict area such as Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring areas where environment and human rights are neglected per the EICC/GeSI Conflict Minerals Reporting Template of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC).

PMC's Statement of "Conflict Minerals":
PMC and its suppliers shall take social and environmental protection responsibilities.
The "Three No" principle for ATEN is no support, no acceptance and no use of metals, i.e., "Conflict Minerals" from the D.R. Congo and its neighboring nations as well as armed conflict areas where metals are mined illegally from unacceptable working environments.

Suppliers shall retrace the sources of Co, Au, Pd, Ta, Sn and W that are contained in all products to ensure that those metals do not come from the "conflict mining areas".

Implement the green supply chain to comply with customer's requirements and international justice practice. Understand in-depth the management condition of the conflict minerals by suppliers and investigate per the EICC/GeSI Conflict Minerals Reporting Template.

Our Awards