Test Profile

The Profile Of Plugs Electrical Test
Our plugs have been approved by UL and meet with F.C.C standard specifications . Plugs are suitable for stranded and solid wire 24-26AWG
Electrical Test:
Energize plug 500 volts AC lasting 1 second
A.Insulation Resistance:500 M abohm.
B.Termination Resistance : 35 M abohm (MAX).
Gold Plate Inspection :
A.According with MIL-G-45204C Type I and ASTM Type 2 standards specification ( 99.7% pure gold Min )
B.Grade D in standard of ASTM (Knoop hardness range > 200 Hk )
C.Grade D in standard of MIL-G-45204 (Knoop hardness range > 200Hk)
D.Class 1 (50 microinches thickness minimum )
The Gold-Plated Testing Instruments :
A.The tensile strength of cable to plug is 7.7 Kgw .
B.Breakdown test : 2000 mating cycles.
Material and Surface Plating:
Housing Material : Polycarbonate 94V-0 ; 94V-2 (Fireproofing)
Contact blades : High strength cooper alloy is according with CNS9503 ,JIS 3110 and C5191R-H standards specification .
100-120 microinches nickel under plated gold .
Operation Temperature:
- 10℃ ~60 ℃